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A Few Words From our Satisfied Customers..

Joanna, 33, Filton says…

“I walked out of the restaurant and realized that it was very dark. I had not looked at my watch. I was having dinner with a group of friends as it was the birthday of one of my friends. I had promised my roommate, Lavanya, that I would be back soon. She hated to be alone after dark. She said that she could hear weird noises around the house that made her hair stand on end. I looked at my phone. There were ten missed calls from Lavanya. I called her back immediately and told her that I was on my way home. She was distraught. She said that she could hear some strange noises coming from the bathroom. I told her to close the bathroom door and stay away from there until I got back. She said that it was not possible for her to go anywhere near the bathroom door. I smiled. She was always very timid.

When I got to the apartment, Lavanya opened the door and asked me to listen carefully and tell her if she imagined the strange sounds. I looked. I could hear some faint sounds coming from the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom to check it out. Then I called out to Lavanya. I told her to go and see what was making the noises. It was just a leaking tap. When she saw it, she sighed with relief, and I could not stop laughing. But now we had a problem to sort out, and I had no idea if we would be able to get a plumber at this hour. I phoned some of my friends and asked them what to do. One of my friends told me to call a plumber and gave me the phone number. He said that the plumber was available all through the day and night.

I called the plumber, and he arrived immediately. I was impressed with the way he worked, and he fixed the leak in hardly any time.”

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leaking tap

Michael, 23, Clifton says…

“I was on my way home when I got a call from my cousin. He wanted me to meet him at his office. So I took a detour and stopped at his office. He asked me to come in. He wanted me to see the latest design that his architects had prepared for the new building, and give him my opinion. I looked at it carefully and then told him what I thought. It was a perfect design, except for one small change that they needed to make. He said he would make them do it immediately. My cousin then forced me to have a snack with him. He said that he was starving. So I accompanied him to the small restaurant down the street. When we finished eating, we parted ways, and I went home.

Since I reached home so late, the apartment was dark. I fumbled for the switches. I switched the lights on and then went to the bedroom to keep my bag when I heard the sound of water dripping from somewhere. I listened carefully. It seemed to be coming from the kitchen. I went there and saw a small leak in one of the pipes. I tried to fix it myself, and it seemed like I had succeeded, but after about half an hour, I saw the water dripping again. The leak seemed to have become worse. I had no idea what to do. It was very late so I was quite sure that I would not find a plumber at this hour. I decided to try and fix it again. I needed some tools, so I went to my neighbor to borrow them. My neighbor asked me what I was doing, and I explained. She asked me why I wanted to work on it myself when I could get a plumber to do it. She gave me the phone number and said that they work all through the day and night. I was thrilled to hear that.

My neighbor was right. The plumber came immediately and fixed my problem.”

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